Shipping Policy - OneAfrica



2.1 OneAfrica will inform Seller when OneAfrica receives Buyer’s Monies. Unless otherwise agreed with OneAfrica, Seller should then make the necessary arrangements to have the purchased item delivered to Buyer and provide details such as the name of the delivery company, the tracking number, etc. to Buyer through the Site chat feature.

2.2 Seller must use his/her best effort to well package and ensue that purchased item(s) reaches third party delivery service providers for prompt shipment and must also obtain a tracking code to share with Buyer and ensure that Buyer receives the purchased item(s) within, either suitable, the OneAfrica Guarantee Period or the time period specified (for offline payment) by Seller on Seller’s listing. 

2.3 Consumers must recognize that Seller on the Site bears all risk associated to the delivery of their purchased item(s) and warrants he/she takes or will get acceptable insurance coverage on the purchased item(s) through third party. In the event where the purchased item(s) is damaged, lost or failure of delivery during the course of delivery, Consumers accept and agree that OneAfrica will not be answerable for any damage, expense, cost or fees resulted therefrom and Seller and/or Buyer will reach out to the delivery service provider to resolve such dispute.

2.4 For All Cross-Border Transaction; Consumers understand and admit that, where a product listing states that the product will ship from overseas, such product is being sold by a Seller based outside of home country, and the importation and exportation of such product is subject to local laws and regulations. Consumers must familiarize themselves with all import and export limitations that apply to the designating country. Consumers admit that OneAfrica cannot provide any legal advice in this regard and agrees that OneAfrica shall not bear any risks or charges associated with the import and export of such products to Buyers country residences.

2.5 Where the Buyer selects to have a purchased item delivered by Normal Post Mail, the Seller solely borne all associated delivering cost of purchased item(s). 

2.6 Its important to note by Buyer that, where the Buyer selects to have a purchased item(s) transported by any other shipping method, the associated fee payable to the delivery company (“Shipping Fee”) shall be solely borne by the Buyer, Seller and OneAfrica in such proportions as may be determined by OneAfrica and published on the Site from time to time. Consumers must note that OneAfrica shall (i) collect the Buyer’s amount of the Shipping Fee from the Buyer, (ii) deduct the Seller’s percentage of the Shipping Fee from the Buyer’s Monies in agreement with Section 1.2, and (iii) pay the total Shipping Fee to the third party delivery company.