Travel Pillow – Memory Foam

Travel Pillow – Memory Foam1

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Travel Pillow – Memory Foam

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  • Travel Pillow – Memory Foam, its perfect curved shape design can better fix your neck and relieve neck pain during travel. This pillow can provides extra support to protect the neck from pain when you are sitting in the seat on a plane, car, train or bus. With 3D Sleep Mask, Earplugs to make sure that you can relax and sleep faster even sitting on the seat.

  • 100% Memory Foam Travel Pillow
  • The perfect curved shape design can better fix your neck, prevents head from falling forward, relieves neck pain during travel. Features an adjustable toggle for a perfect fit to your body.
  • We use the latest filler technology and high rebound 100% pure memory foam which use the 5 seconds return technology, any chemical smell, comfort and durable.
  • Covered with breathable and super soft magnetic therapy cloth which can keeping you cool. Sweat-resistant fabric, provides the maximum comfort on your trip.
  • The airplane neck pillow size is 11.8x11x5cm. This pillow can be attached to your carry on luggage without taking up extra space.