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Nutritional Flour "YA NOOGO"

Nutritional Flour "YA NOOGO"1


Nutritional Flour "YA NOOGO"

Product Code: OA001702-02.5KG




The nutritional flour YA NOOGO standard is a 100% natural flour from Burkina Faso that is consumable by infants that are 6months and older.

This product:

  • Easily prepared.
  • Has an environmentally friendly packaging
  • Originally from Burkina Faso
  • Can be preserved for up to 12months.

The ingredients:

  • Maiz, millet, rice, cowpea and groundnut.

How to prepare it:

  • First mix one cup of the flour with two cups of water. Then boil three cups of water in a clean cooking pot.
  • Then add the mixture to the already boiling water on the fire and stir it until the lumps disappear.
  • Leave it to cook for 5mins after the boiling begins, then serve it with sugar and/or with milk.
  • Note: correctly close the packaging after use and keep the product in a dry and clean environment.

Country of origin:

Burkina Faso