Ever Bond Super Glue

Ever Bond Super Glue1

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Ever Bond Super Glue


Product Code: 732-357-1


Key Features

  • Characteristics & Usage, Multi-environmental ,universal bonding, suitable for metal, rubber, plastic, wood, ceramic, glass and other materials.
  • With low bloom, durability ,high strength and other characteristics, porous and porous matrix materials with good adhesion and durability.


General glue is the upgrade product of common 502. More powerful performance, wider range of applications, more environmentally friendly production process.

Bonding strength refers to the stress required to destroy the interface between the adhesive and the bonded object or its vicinity under the action of external force.

Bonding strength is also known as bonding strength. The adhesive strength is the stress needed when the adhesive system is destroyed. Its size not only depends on the adhesive force, the mechanical properties of the adhesive, the properties of the adhesive and the bonding process, but also depends on the joint form, stress (type, size, direction, frequency), environmental factors (temperature, humidity, pressure, medium), test conditions and experimental technology


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