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Cinnamon Talmond Milk (500 ml)

Cinnamon Talmond Milk (500 ml)1


Cinnamon Talmond Milk (500 ml)

Product Code: OA001698


A real treat. A delicious blend of tropical almond, cinnamon and honey, with a silky texture coming from the higher nut content. Made with the finest, yet simplest of ingredients


Do you want to tease your tastebuds with a pair you most definitely haven’t had before? Tropical almond milk leavened with cinnamon - yep, this is really it. The fit is perfect in more ways than one. What you get are all the nutritional qualities of tropical almonds paired with the antioxidant properties of an ancient spice used for thousands of years. The blood-sugar-lowering properties of cinnamon suffused into our sugar-free tropical almond make it a double-blessing. What more can you ask for? To be enjoyed cooled in a glass, or for cooking or baking.

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