Bentonite Clay Facial Mask 100g

Bentonite Clay Facial Mask 100g1

Laam Shea

Bentonite Clay Facial Mask 100g

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Cleanse , Detoxify and Clarify


Our Clarifying Facial Mask helps to cleanse, detoxify and clarify blemished skin. This mask is enriched with French green clay and turmeric powder, which helps to absorb excess oil secretions, toxins and dirt on the face leaving the skin clearer and refreshed.

– Loaded with acne and blackhead relieving ingredients

– Enriched with organic tea tree essential oil

– Soothes and calms your skin while absorbing excess oil.

After your usual facial cleansing, mix 1 tablespoon of mask with equal amounts of any beautifying liquid such as water, honey, Aloe Vera or Greek yogurt into a paste and apply generously on to your face avoiding the eye area. Now sit back and relax for 15minutes then rinse off with warm water and pat the face dry. Follow up immediately with Laam Shea Nourishing Facial Serum. Caution: use only plastic or wooden spoon and bowl for mixing. Use 1 to 2 times a week.

Product Origin: Made in Ghana

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