African Shea Butter Body Crème Moisturizer – Shelly

African Shea Butter Body Crème Moisturizer – Shelly1

African Shea Butter Body Crème Moisturizer – Shelly


Product Code: LS0028




Rich, non-greasy and indulgent shea butter cream that disappears into the hands and body like a dream, leaving the skin hydrated and moisturized all day. Lightly scented with our unique shelly, like a summer cocktail of strawberry and mint to brighten your mood and your day.


Our Shelly Shea Butter Crème Moisturizer, crafted from raw African Shea nuts in Ghana, has been enriched with balanced proportions of cocoa butter and mango butter and select oils to create a luscious and highly moisturizing crème. It benefits you by leaving the skin nourished and hydrated just as our {Moisturizing Body Butters} do, but with less greasiness for those who prefer a lighter alternative feel to raw butter on the skin. It absorbs quickly to lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated all day long. We offer our Laam Shea Crème Moisturizer in three scents: Shelly, {Mango Delight} and {Kiwi}. They are all delicate scented fruity flavors, that are not overpowering. Shelly is our all time favorite and the signature scent of Laam Shea, named after our founder Michelle.

Direction for use:

Smoothen all over body after bath and as often as is required.